2,000.00 1,000.00 Tax & Shipping Extra

Membership with Benefits

Exclusive pricing for our partners, regular customers, print companies, graphic designers, freelancers, ad agencies etc

  • EXCLUSIVE PRICING: Up to 40% DISCOUNT for all products
  • WALLET OPTION: Get rid from payment for every order. Recharge your wallet and simply use your wallet-cash to place the order
  • REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: Rs. 500 from the membership fee is refundable on termination of membership. Applicable after 1 year
  • PRIORITY PROCESS: Orders will be processed on high priority for on-time commitment
  • PLACE ORDER ON EMAIL: Members can place on email. Simply send us email with print-ready artwork for instant processing.
  • COMPLETELY UNBRANDED: For members, we do not put our branding on product packaging. You can resell our products with your own brand name.
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Please note the below Terms.

  1. Members can place orders on email or website without payment.
  2. Payment due needs to be cleared when the order is ready for shipping. 
  3. Non-members need to pay 100% advance payment.
  4. Members will get credit of Rs.5000 for placing an order. If order value is more than Rs.5000, the difference amount above Rs.5000 needs to be paid as advance. 
  5. Orders will be shipped only after clearing the order’s payment.
  6. We reserve the right to cancel membership without any refund if the order’s payment or any due amount will be not cleared within 15 days of order placed.   


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